International Professional Success with ASC Alums: National Study Abroad Day, February 22nd

Intercultural competencies and foreign language proficiency are among the most coveted skills in the global work environment. On Tuesday, November 17, 1-2pm EST, the Center for Global Learning hosted a virtual roundtable conversation (via Zoom) , led by Hannah Brendell '21. Two Agnes Scott international alums, Nga Than '13 and Tehseen Dossul '11 discuss how being proficient in multiple languages has helped them navigate different work and learning environments and prepare for international careers.

Tehseen Mariam Dossul graduated from Agnes Scott in 2011. She speaks Urdu, Hindi, English, German and is currently learning French. After studying at Agnes Scott and in Germany, Tehseen is currently a manager at Amboss, a medical technology company with offices in New York City, Berlin, and Cologne, Germany.

Nga Than graduated from Agnes Scott in 2013. She studied mathematics, economics, and history and spent a year in Germany researching the Vietnamese expatriate community. Nga Than is currently pursuing a PhD in Sociology at the Graduate Center of CUNY. Nga Than speaks Chinese, Vietnamese, and German.

Hannah Brendell (panel moderator for the podcast) will graduate from Agnes Scott College in May of 2021. Hannah's major is International Relations and she is fluent in multiple languages. Having studied abroad while at Agnes Scott, she is also a student athlete, works at the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy and hails from Namibia.

This episode is introduced by Professor Gundolf Graml, Professor of German Studies and Associate Dean for Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives, providing oversight of SUMMIT Leadership and Global Learning Experience.

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